Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Hello and a late Happy New Year to my lovely my last post was Nov 8.. LAWDY LAWDY.... I have been a bad blogger lol

Now,Let me tell you why ...

the 3 of us (me,him,and baby) celebrate downtown new years eve and day with friends 

School was picking up and so many other things were consuming my time. Don't get me wrong I love my blog and blogging and of course my fashion never stopped but by that time my goal was to keep that GPA high and of course yours truly met the task, but at the same time I neglected one of my love "Broke Fatshion". I will be back trying to post as regular as possible,but there is more fashionista's.....Oh yes more more and MORE!!!

what do you think it is??? Girl or Boy we find out in 3 wks

1st ultrasound
If you have noticed I have had a few pictures with my amazing beau from time to time. Well.... I can certainly say he is an awesome man that I truly deeply love. We have grown a lot since meeting 8-9 months ago and now.......11/26/2013 that we were EXPECTING!!! Yaaaay I am very excited and have been wanting to share this for a while with my followers among,school,work,thesis research,meeting,computer problems,bf,family,friends,and now Preggers!!!! I just didnt get the time,but yall know I can't leave you all hanging like that...No No NO!

he looks sleepy but he was super excited
I would love you all to take this journey with me and I will be sharing things as often as I can. So much is coming up,but I will be photo documenting everything. Also clothes....yes clothes another love of my life. Lots of my clothes are getting sung around my belly,all my fav jeans (have been retired....only like 2 or 3 I can wear with a belly band for now),with the 10lbs I have picked up during the 1st stage(I was giving in to all cravings lol),getting dressed is a lot more harder. Thank goodness I didnt get rid of all of my larger clothes after I lost weight this summer. Even then I'm not able to wear some of my fav pieces and goodness. I already have wide feet and these thangs swell up whenever I want to wear some of my cute shoes....bring on all the canvas sneakers and flats lol.
one of my 1st trimester looks...I was starting to grow out of my jeans near the end
I have had a pretty smooth 1st trimester minus,fatigue,sleepy,and occasional hormonal mood swings lol,things have been great. I am looking forward to sharing more with you all and bringing you more thrift finds (from fashion,stuff for the baby's room,and whatever else),and of course more broke fashion ootds. Life is good and things can only go up from here!

Luv you all and thanks for sticking with me,until next time.

Stay Fashionable,Leah

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Inez said...

Awe, congratulations!


Demetria Mosley said...

congrats on the pregnancy! I missed writing your blog!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

awww thank you. I am doing my best to keep the blog updated . :D

Clemence Nishimwe said...

woow congrats... I was wondering why you don't blog as much. happy for you

can you please follow back if you want

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